Living in a visual and virtual world means that branded photography is pretty much essential to the success of having your business connect with others & to also help set you apart in your industry! What’s even more essential is telling an authentic story with your branding. That's where we come in.

We're here to tell your story.

We want to help you connect with your audience by taking a humanistic approach to branding and product photography while keepin’ it custom and creative so that you stand out from the pack. Branding photography shouldn't feel cold and impersonal. Instead, it should tell a story about what your business is about, what your products/services are, and let your audience get to know you!

Making real connections through business

Branding by

You are your brand

You are your brand

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Our process

      We discuss your needs, go over pricing, and schedule a date and time for your shoot!

      We pin inspo for the shoot on Pinterest and create a shot list!


      We'll send you a questionnaire to collect some more information and hammer out the details for your shoot via email and/or video chat!

Let's work together to tell your story!

       We shoot!

        You receive your gallery within 7-10* business days.






* Rush orders are available - inquire about timing and pricing!

Aesthetics are important, and it can tell a story just as much as the actual contents of an image - and that's where editing comes in.

Whether it's warmer tones to give your branding a cozy feeling, noise and grit for a more down to earth feeling, or even just light post-processing to give your images a more "true" look, we've got you covered!

Along with our editing offerings, we are also open to using whatever Lightroom preset that most represents you and your branding - just send it our way!

Photo editing

Does your





Options to suit your needs

Whim & willow


keepin' it real

Our personal edit that we use for all our other wedding photography work. Slightly warm and earthy with a bit of contrast.

Edits that have a vintage Kodak film vibe.

Edits that stay true to original tones, but with little bit of extra life

Our services

It's time to stop hiding your face and give the people what they want: the opportunity to connect with the amazing human behind the brand they love. Whether you and your services are front and center OR or it’s time to update your website’s “about me page”- it’s important to add a personal element to your branding!

Let them see YOU!

show face

This ones for all the makers - focusing on product photography and content. Good product photography can make or break the sale. Let’s boost your sales and connect with your target clients! You can send us your products to photograph or we can get collaborative in your space or a studio - choose your own adventure!

makers & shakers

Let's show them what you've got!

Just starting out your business or in need of a long overdue refresh? The “Re-Brand” package might be the thing for you! This package covers everything from capturing the person behind the brand, photos to showcase what your business is all about + content for both the gram and your website! Images will be curated into a gallery to showcase a well-rounded representation of your brand/business!

Let's go all in!

The Re-brand

02. Park Market & Refillery

01. Rita - Personal Branding

03. Hello Sugar T.O.

04. nailsxkatiemarie

We would love to work with you to unlock the full potential of your brand!

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