HI, we're Jess & Matt!

Our creative souls and nostalgic hearts felt a light bulb go off when we went through the process of getting our own engagement and wedding photos taken. After years of wanting to study photography and wanting to pursue a career in this industry, it’s crazy to think that our own nuptials ended up being the final catalyst in chasing the dream. We were so inspired and blessed with the photography at our own wedding that we decided we wanted to provide others with that same experience and those same feelings.

At the end of the day, we love love and we love the connections that people have with one another and getting to freeze a chapter in a couples journey. Witnessing couples being themselves with one another and letting their guards down gets us so, so excited to pick up our cameras! We honestly couldn’t picture doing anything else and feel hella blessed to feel so passionate about what we do!

Just like our chosen career path, some things were just meant to be -- we’re a [insert name of popular dating app here] success story and went on a grand total of one date before we made things official (Best first date ever!!)! The connection that we felt between each other was intensely electric, and we formed an instant bond that has kept us bound together ever since. When you know, you know, and we definitely knew. (Thanks universe!)




but visual




She/Her ♡ He/Him


Learn about our Philosophy and what inspired us to become photographers 

"Connection is everything!"

Between you. Between us.

Where there is connection, there are real, beautiful moments. Where there is connection, there is comfort and fun.

Before we even pick up our cameras our goal is to build a real relationship with you. Whether it’s through video calls, emails, or questionnaires - getting to know each other is one of the most important parts of our process! We don’t want your experience to feel transactional between a photographer and client, we want your experience to be carefree, authentic, and among friends!

"Two humans, a romantic kind of love, the connection and bond that comes with that. That’s what lights our fire, that’s what we’re passionate about documenting - however that looks like."

We could tell you about the music that inspires and empowers us (everything from indie, 90s dance, to metal \m/), the books that spark our imaginations (big Harry Potter and Dresden Files fans!), the movies that have color palettes and aesthetics that are just to die for (Wes Anderson, hello!). But, when it really comes down to it, what really gets the creative juices flowing is simple.


Seriously. It’s the people that we work with that keep us inspired and invested in what we do and to challenge ourselves to push the boundaries and our own expectations of photography.

We love to see the moment when two self-proclaimed awko tacos let their guard down, when two people become so comfortable and at ease that they forget we’re even there and just live! 

Rain or shine, we won't miss a beat!

When you think of wedding photography, we bet we know what instantly comes to mind - a stuffy couples session, feeling awkward as you’re put into cheesy “prom” poses, and a one-size-fits-all photographer that is all business and transactional.

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, ‘cause that is totally not us!

From start to finish, our goal is to be a natural extension of your wedding day and be the best double dates that you’ve ever had! Whether we’re in the driver’s seat guiding you through with prompts and natural poses, or being a fly on the wall letting things play out candidly and capturing all of the in between moments, with us behind the lens you are free to melt into the day and trust that we’ve got you covered!

For us being on time is being late, so you can expect us to show up early bringing positive and relaxed vibes as we gently ease into your wedding day - you’ll often find us cracking jokes with your friends and family and getting to know everyone! We want everyone to feel like they’re among friends and to feel like they can let their guards down because that’s where the magic happens! By the end of the night you’ll most likely find us trying to get your awesome grandparents to adopt us or stealing kisses from each other as we’re snapping some awesome shots of the dance floor!

We’re game for everything and believe that you should do whatever the heck you want on your wedding day! You never have to be nervous about approaching us about your wild idea of going skinny dipping in the lake after your wedding toasts or going to get tattooed together for the ultimate elopement souvenir!

If you think that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza, you're wrong!

We love getting to know others and learning about their journeys way more than we enjoying talking about ourselves, but if we had to put together a Tinder profile to attract our right match, this would be it;

We’re huge dog lovers and can’t go for a walk without pointing at every pup and yelling “CUTE!”. We have two Italian Greyhounds of our own named Bella and Primo and we don’t understand how or why they are as cute as they are - we don’t deserve them! (Dogs should also be a part of more weddings <3)

Nothing compares to the feeling of being at a show, hearing the music of your favorite band/artist live - the vibes and energy that fills the venue is everything! Music has always been a huge part of our lives; Matt has played in bands for 20 years while Jess has always collected records and spent her weekends growing up going to local shows in her hometown. We even spent the night before our wedding at the Hardluck thrashing around to one of our favorite post-hardcore bands - it was dope!

We’re obsessed with cycling, thrifting, walking around the city, and discussing architecture (Matt loves the Carpet Factory building in Liberty Village and Jess has big love for Filmore’s which dominates its own little corner of grit on Dundas), taking day trips to Burlington for the best vegan brownies ever made, hanging out by the water (Pisces and Cancer over here) and just hanging out at home binge watching Drag Race or The Office!

Travelling and exploring is important to us and we try to go somewhere new every year - so the answer is yes, we would love to shoot your destination wedding or elopement! A few places we’ve left our hearts in are New Orleans, Iceland, Poland, and Banff! Our current bucket list of places we are DYING to visit are Japan, Bali, Ireland, Morocco and Joshua Tree National Park!

They're so creative and really work to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Sam & Chris

Mel & Mike

They went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and to get so many beautiful natural shots - including scouting the location and venue ahead of time! They were prepared and ready so we could just enjoy the day. We couldn’t be happier with our final product and would recommend them 100%!! Thank you both!!

Iris & Chris

On the wedding day, they provided a sense of both ease and fun so we could completely feel comfortable being ourselves and get immersed in the moment. We are beyond grateful for the photos and memories they captured.

Adina & Dustin

It was an instant connection and we felt like we were just chatting with our friends. They are the most genuine people. My mom even thought we had been friends forever!


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