Close your eyes and picture in your mind what your REAL wedding day would look like. Forget about anyone else’s opinions, don’t worry about traditions or “rules” or anything else that you think that a wedding day is supposed to include - what do you see? Maybe you’re getting ready together and helping each other get geared up for the day! Maybe a church ceremony is really not your thing and you’d really like to exchange your vows out in the forest somewhere and have your reception outside under the stars! Or maybe you just want to completely let go and say f*ck it to any semblance of a “regular” wedding day and elope in a park (we’re happy to be your witnesses!), go on a food tour in the city, get matching tattoos, and do an epic golden hour couples session standing up on a billboard with the city in the background!

Whether you’re planning a wedding, want to celebrate your engagement with, or just want to do something totally rad out and there just because -
count us in!

You provide the story. We provide the illustrations.

J+M // W&W