March 9, 2022

Whim & Willow

A Year of Love Captured: Our Fave Moments & Best Images From Our 2021 Wedding Season

Our 2021 wedding season was an insanely beautiful whirlwind of a year which means it was incredibly hard to choose our best + faves for this slideshow (aghhhh, so many more photos we wanted to include!!!)! 

We spent some cozy winter nights (snacks in tow) + the pups curled up close by, and went through every single photo + gallery from last year. It was really cool, and at times emotional, reliving an entire year of moments. We truly leave a piece of our hearts with every couple + at every wedding we shoot; we get to make these little connections with these super rad humans + are sincerely stoked that we got to be the ones to forever preserve one of the best days of their lives. 

We hope you love the images that we curated – images we chose because of the emotion behind them, or because we simply thought the composition was awesome. Moments that made us laugh + made us cry. Photos that felt strong + bold, and others that felt soft + whimsical. Our hearts are in every one of them.

So grab a tea, a joint or a brew, turn the volume up all the way, sit back + dive into this slideshow!

Mad love,

Jess & Matt ✹ Whim&Willow

Are you planning on getting married and are looking for wedding photographers? Want to surprise your significant other with a steamy session for date night? Or maybe you’re looking to add some zest to the adventure of your life and want to be third-wheeled to document everything as it happens? Drop us a line so that you can learn more about us and the services that we offer!

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