We absolutely live and breathe couples that are non-traditional and like to do things their own way! If you’re wanting to plan a wedding outside of the city in a place that’s magical, off the beaten path, and with so many opportunities to really make things authentically YOU, Prince Edward county is the perfect place […]

Non-traditional and modern LGBT wedding at the Gardiner Museum in Downtown Toronto

…, the stunning Terrace Room at the Gardiner Museum in downtown Toronto provided an amazing platform for their celebration of love! And the aesthetic was straight up rad!


Every wedding season we make new additions to our kit and loadouts depending on how our shoot days are looking (Matt needs his sunscreen during the summer!), there are definitely staple items that we consider essential that we would never leave the house with!

Toronto has so many options for wedding venues that it can be really challenging narrowing down your options when looking for one for your wedding – but we’ve got you covered!

We love elopements and the freedom that they afford couples who want to get married! I mean,  why do it any other way than exactly how you want it to be? So when Zara and Joel reached out to us, we immediately fell in love with what they wanted to do – a no frills […]

When things got bad again around their second date, we were worried that they’d have to postpone again, but with a determination to finally marry each other

We truly leave a piece of our hearts with every couple + at every wedding we shoot; we get to make these little connections with these super rad humans + are sincerely stoked that we got to be the ones to forever preserve one of the best days of their lives. 

Toronto is spoiled for options when it comes to cool wedding venues for couples looking to ditch banquet halls in favor of spaces with uniqueness, loads of character + all